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Vegas and Allergies

If you reside in Vegas, this ought to be interesting… Living near a farm reduces allergies, study says Growing up on or near a farm, as well as merely living close to one as an adult can lower the likelihood of developing allergies, according to recent research from the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.…

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Beware of questionable spin moves

Millions love the heart-pounding, socializing of a spin class (stationary cycling). Spin classes elevate traditional stationary cycling to a party atmosphere with fast music, coaching, and even virtual scenery. Baby boomers flock to the classes, but they also attract younger fans. ​ Some of the classic spin moves are cycling at different rates of speed…

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Say No to Empty Calories

Sound impossible?  A little forward planning can keep you off sugar-loaded convenience snacks and help you enjoy delicious-yet-nutritious foods instead because we know it’s tough to make good nutrition a priority when your life is filled with business meetings, social activities, or kid’s events. The experts say we should all get 2 servings of fruit…

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Stressed Out? Not anymore! Part 2

In “Stressed Out?  Not anymore!” part one we asked the questions: True/False Stress is good for your health?  _________ Stress is bad for your health?  _________ The answer to both questions is true. Stress is actually a natural part of life.  However, too much negative stress can lead to serious health issues. Today, let’s talk…

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About Your Tailbone:

What it is, what it does, and what it’s connected to… ​ Because you can’t see it, you probably haven’t thought much about your coccyx, commonly called the tailbone. The name coccyx comes from a Greek word cuckoo because it resembles the curved beak of a bird. In the past, it was thought to have…

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