As an Amway independent business owner, Lynn knows the benefits of working within a supportive and trusted family-run company with a history of over 50 years building a strong community, and she also understands how important it is to stay independent. With the help of her experience, Lynn can help you enjoy both financial freedom and freedom from the limitations of a traditional work environment.

Instead of working hard to only benefit those above you, our proven system is based on commissions, performance-based bonuses and leadership bonuses that are paid directly to you. As a result, your rewards grow right along with your business; there’s no glass ceiling on your success when you’re an Independent Business Owner.

As your own abilities grow, you can also sponsor others and help teach them the lessons you’ve learned along the way, building your success further along with theirs. Lynn gives you the hand up you need to get started based on years of experience helping other Independent Business Owners just like you.

Lynn connects you with the world-class business resources that are essential for success, from product-specific training and customer support to business education and business management. Mentoring programs add another level of community to the process; unlike cutthroat traditional businesses, Lynn knows that everyone succeeds when we all help each other. Together, we can build a rewarding relationship that gives you the income and flexibility you’ve always wanted. As part of the Amway family, you’ll never be alone.

So what sets Lynn apart from other Amway representatives? Simple. She has the experience needed to help you navigate your new business opportunities quickly and easily, as well as a dedicated focus in teaching and sponsoring others. With Lynn’s help, you can achieve the success you deserve along with the flexibility you need. The traditional way of doing business, stuck in a cubicle just doesn’t make sense any more. With our proven system, Lynn can help you find a new way of life that offers more disposable income and more time to do the things you love.

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