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Lynn Susoeff

Lynn has been connecting people with products and solutions that make life better for years. Her life lessons have given her the drive to help others achieve the flexibility and financial freedom that they choose by offering people the opportunity to create time and money options.

Lynn was born and raised in San Francisco, CA where she went to public and Catholic schools and attended the University of California Berkeley. She got teaching credentials from San Francisco State University and has taught in public school systems and in private school systems. Her love of teaching and helping others find their way has been the mainstay of her success.

Public service was her career. She has lifetime teaching credentials from the state of California, having taught at all levels from preschool through graduate level. Lynn also had her own childcare business patterned on Montessori principles. Lynn was a very successful internal consultant for the City and County of San Francisco. In her career with the City and County of San Francisco, Lynn helped create a brand-new city department called the Commission on the Aging. In setting up this new department, Lynn learned how things get done and what makes things work effectively. It was a great experience because she got to envision the whole picture. Lynn learned whether in corporate or public service – few people get to see all the steps from A to B and get to appreciate why each person’s task matters. Someone down the line depends on what you did. Your work directly impacts people’s lives. A lot of times people don’t know their work has value no matter how good it is. This is what Lynn learned from her experiences – to really see the whole process and be able to work with others to do that.
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As an internal consultant for the city, she worked with executives and their staff, striving for improvement. She would go in, find out what the client wanted, do a needs assessment, and make recommendations and strategies. Then she worked with the teams to implement these. Sometimes they were about goal setting. Sometimes they were about clarifying their mission, vision, and values and Lynn would facilitate all of these kinds of processes. She made it fun and was certified in Stephen Covey’s work “The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People” and other various programs. Lynn introduced these programs into the city. She had multiple certifications for various programs and would work with teams of people to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of each group. Lynn did a lot of teambuilding!
So how did she come to Amway? Because she really liked teaching and motivating others and she loved the fact that what she did had a great impact on people. She was looking around and said to her partner John: “I want to do something more.”

Be careful what you ask for! The opportunity was presented to her when Lynn and John ran into a colleague with a very high profile in the city who she hadn’t seen in a while.

“I noticed he looked fabulous, he was not the stressed-out, worn-out guy that I knew from before.” Lynn said. “So I asked him what he had been doing and he said, “well you know, I started a business.” I said whatever you’re doing keep it up as you look great and this is the best I’ve seen you look at all the years I’ve known you. A few minutes later he introduced me to his wife who is a doctor and we were mingling and she said to me, “If the money was right and it fit in with your schedule are you open to additional sources of income?” I said to myself I better listen because I put it out there! … So John and I looked at the opportunity, researched it and said to ourselves, “this is a legitimate company, they been around a long time they have compensation program that works, they are not a scam, they are not a pyramid, they are not a Ponzi scheme. So we decided to do it and within a short period of time I was able to I was able to leave the city job. Why do I do this? I really enjoy creating these options for other people. I have numbers of people who would come to my workshops in the city and say, “You know one of those things we talked about it’s really helping me.” I am finding that same kind of satisfaction offering this opportunity to people. All I’m doing is giving other people the opportunity to evaluate- to see where they are- and I have a very simple solution for you.”

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